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The Story of River the Helpess Kitten

She was cold and scared.

A small kitten, unable to move her back legs.

There she was, sitting helpless where someone had cast her aside, in the side yard at PAWS of Grays Harbor.

As soon as we saw her, we rushed the kitten inside PAWSGH, and gave her an examination.

As well as her useless back legs, her tummy was badly distended—almost completely impacted with something like small rocks or gravel. We named her River, and treated her condition as best we could, but we didn’t know if she was going to make it through the night.

But, in the morning, there she was, meowing and seeking love and attention. We realized this little kitten—who had been through so much already—had an incredible spirit and will to live. So, we went to work caring for her.

We didn’t know how she ended up with a bellyful of kitty litter, but we got her impacted stomach cleared.

We found out her other issues were caused by Type 2 Rickets, which meant she might never be able to walk. Also, we discovered she was deaf.


She meowed to get into the cattery, so we let her in with the other cats, and, just like any kitten, she wanted to play. She would drag her back legs behind her, trying to keep up with the other kitties.

With such a strong will to live, we kept working with River, and soon, she was able to stand on her back legs.

One day, we found her stiffly “walking” with her back legs, chasing and being chased by her fellow cats. The supplements we had been giving her were working—she was getting better.

River would never be a “normal” cat, but she did have a wonderful personality that never refused any challenge.

One day, a nice family came in, looking for an “indoor cat” to be a companion. One look at River, and it was love at first sight.

We told them about her condition and that she would probably need to be on supplements for the rest of her life. They loved her so much, they agreed to take care of her forever.

At PAWSGH, we see many animals that have special needs and challenges. We keep them safe, when no one would take them in.

We treat their medical conditions, no matter the cost.

We let them stay with us as long as it takes to find the perfect forever home.

But, we couldn’t save animals like River if it wasn’t for people just like you.

People who love animals and want the best for them.

Please, send your gift today so we can keep helping animals like River so that they can have a chance at a happy, love-filled life.